Rachel Bilson always looks stunning and uber gorgeous.  She is a style icon for me, always poised and put together in such a nice way.  What I love most about her is that she makes the most basic threads look so chic together.  I love this pic of her, I think she looks gorgeous and it is such a natural look! All it takes is some pink blush on the apples of the cheeks, a little mascara and a touch of nude gloss! Siren number 4!

Alessandra Ambrosio is my third Siren because she not only tempts me to buy almost everything out of the weekly Victoria’s Secret Catalogs I receive, but also because she is one of the Angels that I adore the most.  As a new mommy and supermodel she seems to be able to do it all and have it all.  A woman who can walk down the runway 3 months after giving birth and looking this good, is definitely a “Siren.”

My second “Siren” must go to Blake Lively for her beautiful look that resembled Disney’s The Little Mermaid so much so that I actually want to BE her in this picture!  She looks absolutely gorgeous on the red carpet, the color’s on her are amazing , the way the gown falls on her body and the beautiful waves in her hair.  She resembles everything a woman should be in this photo!

For my first “Siren” I choose Mila Kunis (someone you will be seeing a lot of on this blog!).  I chose Mila because she always looks stunning and put together.  She is the definition of what a Siren is, fascinating and alluring, yet dangerous at the same time.  In a lot of ways this is very true of what women are, and as a woman this is something that should be celebrated everyday!


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