Chanel – Perfection Lumiere

There is something about Chanel that exudes class, sophistication and excellence.  Chanel for me has always been a luxury, especially in the cosmetics department.  My first encounter with Chanel was when I was eleven and my mom had a friend who worked in the industry.  One day as we were over the house she brought down a slim black case with the famous logo printed in white on the cover.  When I opened up the compact it was a perfectly pressed powder in an almost opaque neutral color.  I am not even sure if it matched my skin tone because there was certainly no reason for an eleven year old to be wearing pressed powder on a daily basis. Whenever I could I would sneak into a bathroom and apply the silky soft powder over my face and thus began my obsession.  To this day it is still a treat for me to walk up to the Chanel counter at the department store and admire the perfect packaging and colors and every now and then splurge on a little piece of luxury for myself.

Chanel never seems to disappoint, from the fragrance, to the texture and feel of the products, the colors that always seem to enhance the skin tone and even the way the product fits in your hand.  The latest obsession of mine is their new liquid foundation, “Perfection Lumiere” ($55.00)  This foundation is amazing; it melts into the skin and leaves it looking like a flawless canvas.  The smell is incredible, and it has such a soft, smooth texture on the skin.  It has a pump that dispenses the product onto your hands and it seems to pump out the perfect amount of product to cover the entire face.  When applied with a foundation brush, it smoothes out all imperfections and discolorations.  This foundation stands out more than others mainly because of the smell, but also the wear ability of the product.  It lasts all day without any build up or greasiness.  The product really does not budge until you wash it off at the end of your day and that is something to look for in a product, as an everyday consumer and as an artist.

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