Nude Attitude

Fall season is filled with bright bold lip colors such as, reds, deep plums and russets, but when you want to turn it down a notch, nude lips are a trend that never goes out of style. If you want to exaggerate the eye area with a deep smokey eye, then nude lips is the perfect compliment to go alongside it.  Most nude lip colors are compiled of many different pigments that create the perfect color.  Orange red, warm brown, white, black, orange stain and ochre are just a few of the pigments you can find in these lipsticks which makes it a universal shade for most women.  At the same time it also makes it a little bit trickier to really nail the exact shade that suits you.  I have three personal favorites that fit perfectly with most skin tones and they are as listed:

1- Kat Von D in “Cathedral” $18.00

2- Three Custom Color “Nude Attitude”  $21.50.

3- NYX lacquer pots “Night in Manhattan” $5.50

If you want a more pumped up nude lip with TONS of sparkle, there is of course a personal favorite gloss from Too Faced called “Mermaid” ($16.20) and its a nude gloss with green, yellow and pink iridescent sparkles.

                                          Mermaid and Nude Attitude


                                                   Night in Manhattan

                                          Nude Attitude

Hope this helped and enjoy your weekend! 🙂


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