Wedding Makeup

As a makeup artist specializing primarily in weddings, I often get a lot of “how-to” questions. Since I am not fully equipped yet to give actual tutorials I have compiled some photos to walk you through some quick ways to make yourself look beautiful when you don’t have a professional at hand.

Below is my beautiful Brianna who I will be using as a model for this and future how-to’s:

Step 1:  I primed Brianna’s face with Too faced Primed and Poreless powder ($28.00) This is by far one of the BEST products to use to not only prep the skin, but to prevent it from shininess and other weather ailments, I swear by it!

Step 2:  Since she naturally has great skin I used a light weight tinted moisturizer on her, rather than a full coverage foundation and spot checked her skin with concealer. This was just to give her some basic coverage and to create a fresh canvas for best results.  I used Jouer luminizing moisture tint in pearl, which also gives the skin a light sheen ($38.00) and for concealer I used Three Custom Color Concealer #3 ($22.50) under the eyes and around the nose.  I also prepped her eyelids with  L’oreal Studio Secrets magic perfecting base ($12.99).

Step 3: For the eyes, I started with a light champaigne color on the entire lid, from lash line to the brow.  My all time favorite is a mixture of two colors in the Victorias Secret Quad called Mysterious ($18.00).  After that I applied another Victoria’s Secret color called Spin ($12) to the outer corners of the eye and blended it upward into the crease.  I find that if you blend the darker color into an arrow shape from the outer corner into the crease it will look very natural. The best brush to achieve a perfect blended eye color with is MAC’s blending brush #217.

Step 4: From there I applied a cake eye liner Physicians Formula custom eye enhancing gel liner for blue eyes ($10.95) the reason I used this for someone with brown eyes was because it has very light blue sparkles in it and it really brought out the light flecks within her eyes.  I applied the liner from the inner corner all the way to the outer corner and extended it so that it went as far as her eyebrow to give her eyes a sexy smokey look.  Applying a cake liner with a brush is more manageable than liquid because you have more control over how dark or light the liner is and if you prefer it smudged out or not. Plus, it gives it a softer look rather than a harsh line across the lid. I added two coats of MAC’s Naughty and Nice mascara ($18.00) and curled the lashes to finish her eyes.

Step 4: I then added a highlighter to her temples all the way down to her cheeks, using Too Faced Pink Leopard bronzer ($29.00) and then added a cream blush to her cheeks, Three Custom Color’s Morning After cream to powder blush ($22.50). Finally, I finished her off with a translucent powder over her entire face to keep away shine and set the makeup and gave her a sheer pink lipstick.  I used Three Custom Color, Cool Sunrise ($21.50) which is a frosty pink that goes on with medium coverage.

There you have it!  I think she looks beautiful and polished and this was such an easy application that anyone can do it at home! 🙂

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  1. Dineen Milano says:

    Jules you are amazing!

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